Cannabis Seeds Ak-47 auto. 3 Stück Cannabissamen

Cannabis Seeds Ak-47 auto. 3 pieces

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Yes, HHC-P is psychoactive. And 10 times stronger than conventional THC. HHC-P is 90% more potent than THC.

Euphoria AK-47 autoflower cannabis seeds

Discover the fascinating world of cannabis cultivation with Sweedbar's Euphoria AK-47 autoflower cannabis seeds. This exclusive pack contains 3 high quality seeds that offer a perfect mix of indica and sativa properties.

Genetics and Composition: The Euphoria AK-47 Autoflower cannabis seeds are the result of a careful crossing that has an 80% Indica dominance and a balanced Sativa complement of 20%. These harmonious genetics promise a unique blend of relaxing physical effects and stimulating mental stimulation.

Flowering time and yield: These autoflower cannabis seeds are characterized by their short flowering time of just 7-9 weeks. This means that you can enjoy your harvest after just a short time. The plants reach a moderate size and are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. With proper care and the right conditions, you can harvest an impressive amount of high-quality flowers from each seed.

Active ingredient content and effects: Through careful breeding and strict quality controls, the Euphoria AK-47 hemp seeds offer an optimal balance between THC and CBD. The THC content is medium to high while the CBD content is kept low. This allows for a pleasant and balanced high experience accompanied by deep relaxation of the body while the mind remains clear and focused.

Age restriction and legal information: Please note that the purchase and use of hemp seeds are subject to legal regulations. Purchase is only permitted for people aged 18 and over. According to current regulations, cultivation is limited to a maximum of 3 plants per adult over 18 years of age. It is strictly forbidden to possess more than 50 grams of dried flowers.

Explore a world of enjoyment and possibilities with Euphoria AK-47 Autoflower cannabis seeds. Start your own cannabis cultivation today and experience the joy of harvesting your own high quality buds.

Your order will reach you discreetly and, above all, odorless within 1-3 working days. Are you ready to experience the effects of HHC-P? Then order today!

frequently asked Questions

Can HHC-P get you high? Yes, HHC-P is psychoactive. HHC-P is the king of cannabinoids. Why does he deserve this name? Because it binds to CB1 receptors an incredible 32 times better than THC, making you 10 times as high. Therefore, dose your HHC-P carefully!

It is not for nothing that products containing HHC-P are called the “kings of cannabinoids”. They are said to be even more potent than the well-known Delta-9 THC. The cannabinoid is said to bind to CB1 receptors up to 32 times better and therefore has an effect that is 10 times more intense than conventional THC. In contrast to the psychoactive THC, which is responsible for the intoxication when consuming marijuana, HHC-P is said to cause an effect that is up to 10 times more intense. However, the effects are subjective and not everyone will experience a pleasant high. Therefore, dose your products carefully.

Depending on the location, the legal status of HHC-P can vary. The cannabinoid is currently still considered legal in Germany. Substances like HHC and HHC-P are - like cannabis, only legal: due to the legal gray area in which the distribution of HHC and HHC-P products currently finds themselves, they are considered legal.

HHC-P has a wide range of possible potential medical and therapeutic benefits. It can improve cognitive function and stimulate appetite. Unfortunately, research into the potential healing effects of HHC-P is still in its infancy. However, initial studies and customer reports indicate that the cannabinoid has benefits such as physical relaxation, anti-inflammatory effects in the body, calming and alleviating anxiety.

Yes! And up to 10 times more powerful. You can expect bursts of energy, euphoria and a strong psychoactive effect. In contrast to the psychoactive THC, which is responsible for the intoxication when consuming marijuana, HHC-P has an effect that is up to 10 times more intense than THC because the cannabinoid binds to CB1 receptors 32 times better.