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We raise the standards with top papers that burn gently, blunts with that certain something extra and filters that only let the best through. And the accessories? Let's not even talk about it. Because without the right tools everything is only half as fun.

Ready to upgrade your smoking experience? No matter whether you are already a professional or just starting out - here you will find quality that speaks and variety that inspires. So, let's redefine smoking - artfully, with style and exactly your vibe.

Premium Rolling Papers 2024

Push the boundaries of your smoking experience with a carefully curated range of flavors like Strawberry with Juicy Jay's King Size Slim Strawberry and watermelon with Juicy Jay's King Size Slim Watermelon . These papers are not only a feast for the senses, but also a statement for quality and innovation . Ideal for connoisseurs and the curious alike, our premium papers offer the ultimate enjoyment experience . Be inspired by the variety and find your favorite to give every moment a personal touch. Discover our selection now and take your smoking experience to a new level.

Joint in einer Schale mit Blüten

Cones: Perfect for beginners and professionals

Makes the smoking experience more accessible than ever. Our pre-rolled cones are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to save time without sacrificing quality. They are ideal for beginners who are still learning to roll, as well as professionals who appreciate a quick and clean option. These cones give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite herbs without the hassle of rolling. Discover the convenience and quality that our cones offer and make every moment a special smoking experience.

Activated carbon filter: Revolutionize your smoking experience

Takes the purity of your smoke to the next level. Our activated carbon filters, available in a variety of sizes and designs, are designed to reduce pollutants and improve the taste of your flowers. These filters not only provide a cleaner smoking experience , but also protect your health by filtering out tar and other unwanted particles . Ideal for the health-conscious smoker who values ​​quality and purity. Discover the variety and find the perfect filter for your smoking ritual.

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Our bestseller

  1. 🍓 Juicy Jay's Strawberry Papers - Sweet strawberry notes for your smoking pleasure.
  2. 🌈 GIZEH RAINBOW activated carbon filter - Colorful smoking pleasure with purity.
  3. Glass tips with rhinestones from Black Leaf - Elegance meets functionality.
  4. 🥭 Blunt Wrap Yellow Mello Mango - Exotic, sweet and irresistible.
  5. 🍬 Juicy Jay's Bubblegum Papers - Nostalgic bubblegum flavor for sweet moments.
  6. 🍫 Blunt Wrap Brown Chocolate - Rich chocolate flavor for connoisseurs.


Choosing the right papers or blunts depends on a variety of factors, including personal preference and smoking habits. When it comes to papers, you should consider the size, thickness and material. King size papers accommodate more herbs, while thinner papers can provide a smoother smoking experience. Blunts made from tobacco leaves offer a more intense flavor compared to traditional papers and can hold a larger amount of herbs. Additionally, blunts come in a variety of flavors, from fruity to spicy, to suit personal preferences. It's best to try different varieties to see which one best suits your tastes and needs.

Papers are thinner papers that are specifically used for rolling joints. They are often made from hemp, rice or other natural materials and burn evenly and slowly. Blunts, on the other hand, are made from tobacco leaves and offer a more intense smoking experience. They are usually larger than normal papers and can accommodate a larger amount of herbs. Because of their tobacco base, blunts can also provide additional flavor and a stronger effect.

Activated carbon filters are a popular option for smokers because they can help purify smoke and reduce pollutants. Activated carbon has a high surface area and can absorb a variety of contaminants including tar, nicotine and other harmful substances. By using activated carbon filters, the smoke can be smoother and less irritating, resulting in a more pleasant smoking experience. In addition, they can also improve the taste of the smoke by filtering out unwanted flavors and leaving a pure, clean taste.

Glass tips and filters are placed at the end of the joint and are used to cool and filter the smoke. They provide a more pleasant smoking experience by preventing pollutants and particles from entering the mouth. To use it properly, simply place the glass tip or filter at the end of the joint and then roll it as usual. The filter should fit tightly to prevent slipping while smoking. By using glass tips or filters, you can not only enjoy a smoother smoking experience, but also protect your herbs from moisture and other contaminants.

Pre-rolled cones are a convenient option for smokers looking to save time and effort. They are particularly suitable for beginners as they are already rolled and just need to be filled. To use them, simply fill the designated space with your preferred herbs and compact them slightly. You can then twist the end of the cone and enjoy smoking. Pre-rolled cones provide a consistent and reliable smoking experience without the need for complicated rolling and folding of papers.

To maintain the freshness and quality of your papers and blunts, it is important to store them properly. Store them in a cool, dry place and protect them from direct sunlight and moisture. Use airtight containers or bags to protect them from environmental influences and preserve their flavors. By storing them properly, you can ensure that your papers and blunts are always ready for an optimal smoking experience.

Glass tips offer several advantages over traditional paper filters. First, they are reusable and can be easily cleaned, making them more environmentally friendly and saving money. Second, they offer a smoother smoking experience because the glass cools the smoke without affecting the flavor. Additionally, glass tips prevent herbs or ash from entering the mouth by creating a physical barrier, while paper filters can sometimes break or dissolve. Overall, glass tips are a high-quality and durable option for smokers who value quality and comfort.

The size of the papers can vary depending on your smoking habits and preferences. King size papers offer space for a larger amount of herbs and are therefore suitable for group smoking or longer smoking sessions. Slim papers, on the other hand, are thinner and more compact, making them ideal for personal use and for smokers who prefer a lighter hit. Choosing the right size depends on individual preference and the desired smoking experience.