Black Leaf Lotus Grinder 4-tlg. für Kräuter

Black Leaf Lotus Grinder 4 pcs. for herbs

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Yes, HHC-P is psychoactive. And 10 times stronger than conventional THC. HHC-P is 90% more potent than THC.

Black Leaf Lotus Grinder 4 pcs. buy herbs

For all pragmatic users who don't want to waste their valuable time on annoying cleaning work, the 4-part Black Leaf® grinder with lotus effect is the perfect choice!

Made from high quality aerospace aluminum, this herb crusher is fully sealed with a layer of non-stick ceramic. Thanks to this ceramic coating, the grinder is much easier and quicker to clean. Sometimes it's even enough to simply rinse the grinder with hot water.

However, the silky grinder offers many other advantages: It has strong trapezoidal teeth that reliably grind herbs and harder chunks. A fine-mesh sieve made of stainless steel ensures that valuable pollen is sieved into the beautifully rounded collection chamber. In addition, there are grip grooves on the lid for an improved feel and a nylon ring that prevents metal-on-metal friction. The herb mill is manufactured to such a high quality that turning it back and forth is very easy.

Another advantage: the sieve part can also be removed, converting the grinder into a 3-part grinder that fits better in your jacket pocket. Ideal for on the go. A strong magnet ensures a secure hold.

Please note: There may be slight variations in the diameter of the mills of up to 1 mm.

Features at a glance:

  • Non-stick ceramic coating for easy cleaning
  • Robust aerospace aluminum
  • Stainless steel pollen sieve
  • Can be reduced to pocket size
  • Great feel

Discover the versatility and quality of the Black Leaf® Grinder and experience comfortable and efficient herb grinding!

Your order will reach you discreetly and, above all, odorless within 1-3 working days. Are you ready to experience the effects of HHC-P? Then order today!

frequently asked Questions

Can HHC-P get you high? Yes, HHC-P is psychoactive. HHC-P is the king of cannabinoids. Why does he deserve this name? Because it binds to CB1 receptors an incredible 32 times better than THC, making you 10 times as high. Therefore, dose your HHC-P carefully!

It is not for nothing that products containing HHC-P are called the “kings of cannabinoids”. They are said to be even more potent than the well-known Delta-9 THC. The cannabinoid is said to bind to CB1 receptors up to 32 times better and therefore has an effect that is 10 times more intense than conventional THC. In contrast to the psychoactive THC, which is responsible for the intoxication when consuming marijuana, HHC-P is said to cause an effect that is up to 10 times more intense. However, the effects are subjective and not everyone will experience a pleasant high. Therefore, dose your products carefully.

Depending on the location, the legal status of HHC-P can vary. The cannabinoid is currently still considered legal in Germany. Substances like HHC and HHC-P are - like cannabis, only legal: due to the legal gray area in which the distribution of HHC and HHC-P products currently finds themselves, they are considered legal.

HHC-P has a wide range of possible potential medical and therapeutic benefits. It can improve cognitive function and stimulate appetite. Unfortunately, research into the potential healing effects of HHC-P is still in its infancy. However, initial studies and customer reports indicate that the cannabinoid has benefits such as physical relaxation, anti-inflammatory effects in the body, calming and alleviating anxiety.

Yes! And up to 10 times more powerful. You can expect bursts of energy, euphoria and a strong psychoactive effect. In contrast to the psychoactive THC, which is responsible for the intoxication when consuming marijuana, HHC-P has an effect that is up to 10 times more intense than THC because the cannabinoid binds to CB1 receptors 32 times better.