THC degradation calculator – Calculate the duration of THC detectability

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THC degradation calculator – How it works

When it comes to consuming cannabis, many people ask themselves the question: "How long does THC stay in my system?" This is especially relevant if you are about to take a drug test or just want to know how your body reacts to cannabis. The THC Degradation Calculator offers a simple and useful method to get an estimate of how long THC and its metabolites will be detectable in the body.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive component in cannabis that produces the familiar "high" feeling. After consumption - whether by smoking, vaping or edibles - THC is absorbed and metabolized by the body. The breakdown products of THC can be detected in the body for longer than the THC itself.

How does the THC breakdown calculator work?

The THC degradation calculator uses various information to estimate how long THC stays in your body. Here is the typical process:

  1. Personal information: You enter data such as weight, height and age. This information helps to estimate your metabolism.
  2. Consumption behavior: You describe how often and how much you consume cannabis and in what form (smoking, vaping, edibles).
  3. Last use: The time of your last cannabis use is crucial to determining how much THC may still be in your system.
  4. Perform calculation: The calculator uses all this data to estimate how long THC and its metabolites might be detectable.
  5. Results: You will receive an estimate that shows you how long THC may remain detectable in your body.

Simplified mathematical basis of the THC degradation calculator

A simplified formula that provides a good approximation without being too complex is based on the assumption that the body breaks down THC in a roughly linear rather than exponential manner. This greatly simplifies the calculation and is sufficiently accurate for most everyday applications.

Simplified formula

  • : Concentration of THC in the body after time in days.
  • : Original concentration of THC in the body immediately after consumption.
  • : Degradation rate of THC in the body (ng/ml per day).
  • : Time in days since last consumption.

The degradation rate can be assumed to be an average value that depends on factors such as metabolism and consumption behavior. For occasional users, a value of around 15 ng/ml per day could be realistic, while for regular users, values ​​of around 5 ng/ml per day could be assumed.

Example calculation

Let's say someone has 50 ng/mL of THC in their body immediately after consumption and is an occasional user with a clearance rate of 15 ng/mL per day. How much THC is left in their body after 10 days?

The result shows that the THC theoretically after about 3 days ( days) should no longer be detectable in the body.

This simplified model gives you a quick and easy way to estimate THC degradation, although it does not accurately reflect reality.

Why is the THC breakdown calculator useful?

Medical cannabis patients

You can use the THC degradation calculator to better understand how long the active ingredients remain in the body.

Occasional and regular users

The calculator helps you learn more about your own body and how long THC can be detected, which can be important for upcoming drug tests or for more conscious consumption behavior.

Employees and athletes

For many professions and in sports, the use of cannabis can have serious consequences. The calculator can help plan and monitor compliance with guidelines and regulations.


The THC Degradation Calculator is a handy tool for anyone who wants to better understand their cannabis use and its effects on the body. With the simplified formula, you can quickly get an approximation of how long THC will be detectable in your system. Try the calculator and use the knowledge to make your cannabis experience safe and responsible. Try it out and see for yourself how it can help you better understand and manage your cannabis experience!

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