Cannabis partial legalization in Germany

Cannabis-Teillegalisierung in Deutschland

Update March 22nd:

Despite ongoing criticism, the Bundestag finally passed the Cannabis Act today, a step that paves the way for the partial legalization of cannabis in Germany . From April 1, 2024, adults will be allowed to possess up to 50 grams of cannabis in private areas and up to 25 grams in public spaces . The regulations for home cultivation in cultivation associations will come into force from July 1, 2024 .

The decision, which came after long discussions and despite various concerns, reflects a significant change in German drug policy. The evaluation of the social impact , starting 18 months after the law comes into force, will provide critical insights into child and youth protection as well as the consumption behavior of young people and is crucial for the future direction of cannabis policy in Germany.

On February 23rd, the Bundestag passed an important law that allows cannabis to be possessed and consumed under certain conditions. This decision is a big step because there has been a long-standing discussion in Germany about how cannabis should be handled. The law shows that the government's views on cannabis have changed. It's about finding a new way to improve both people's safety and control over cannabis consumption.

The law at a glance

On February 23rd, the Bundestag passed a law regulating the partial legalization of cannabis in Germany. This law is an important step as it redefines the handling of cannabis and allows possession and consumption under certain conditions. It reflects a shift in the view of cannabis, away from strict prohibitions towards controlled and responsible use. This change is of particular interest to young people as it shows that their perspectives and experiences are being taken into account in society.

Critical voices

After the decision to partially legalize cannabis, the German Medical Association expressed serious concerns. She is particularly concerned about the health effects this step could have. The Chamber therefore asks the Federal Council to intervene here. This critical attitude shows how important it is to keep an eye on the health consequences and to discuss them openly. It's about finding a healthy middle ground between the new freedom and the protection of citizens.

What does this mean for us?

The decision to partially legalize cannabis could have far-reaching effects. It's not just about permission to possess and consume cannabis. Rather, the focus is on a new approach to drugs that focuses on understanding, education and health protection. This change could have a lasting impact on our society and the way we think and talk about drugs. It is a step towards a more open, informed and responsible attitude towards cannabis and other substances.


The future will show what the new cannabis law means for us. It is a topic that will continue to be discussed in society, in the media and in politics. We may be at the beginning of a major shift in how we interact with cannabis and perhaps other drugs. It will be important to closely monitor the effects – how it affects health, safety and social interaction. It's a chance to learn and adapt as we navigate this new path.

Lara Berger, M.Sc., specialist author

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